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DIY Gone Wrong

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DIY Gone Wrong

From HouseLogic

DIY gone wrong is your worst nightmare. Sleep better with these tips to master DIY know-how.

With a solid DIY skill set, tackling a project like installing a kitchen backsplash is no problem. But when a project requires speciality skills like major electrical work you might be better off hanging up your tool belt and calling a pro. Image:Urban Charm at Home

That electrical issue? Or fixing a leaky roof? Even though you (and your BFF, YouTube) have pulled off many DIY projects, you know there are projects youve no business trying on your own. But what about those projects that fall somewhere in between I got this and Im calling the pros? How can you know if a project is really DIYable for you?

For Lucas Hall, finding that answer has been trial and error. As a DIY landlord for more than two years and founder of Landlordology, an online resource for landlords, hes gutted three homes and renovated countless others.

Im just handy enough to be dangerous, Hall says.

Hes suffered more than his fair share of DIY disasters, and with each, hes learned a valuable lesson about his own limits, as well as how he can do better next time.

Think 10 Steps Ahead

When Hall updated a tiny kitchen in one of his rentals, he installed a brand-new, expensive fridge and then built a peninsula countertop extension.

We thought it was the greatest idea, he says. But adding the peninsula narrowed the space in front of the refrigerator, making it impossible to remove without lifting it entirely up and over the extension. (Ever tried to lift a fridge?)

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