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  • With me is Dan Stephenson (Founder of Rancon Real Estate), Diane Caddy and Karen Crichfield

    On Thursday, February 23 - Rancon Real Estate held its Annual Awards Ceremony - to recognize the Top Agents for 2016. I am proud to have been honored as one of the top two agents at Rancon for the year - closing escrow on 38 transactions - with over $20 Million in sales! Im very proud of this accomplishment because Rancon has over 135 excellent agents. I wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on my experiences with Rancon Real Estate over the past decades - and to thank you for the friendship and support you have given me over the years!

    My goal has always been to provide guidance, assistance and excellent service for my friends and clients ~ using my experience and expertise to help in making wise decisions on real estate matters. The market - and our area - have gone through many changes since 1983. My first clients were land buyers and investors - who came to Rancho California looking for gold! The next phase was young families moving to Temecula and Murrieta to take advantage of the low-priced housing, great schools and to raise their families in this beautiful area. Over the years, I have had the honor of helping these families grow into new, larger homes, helped their children buy homes, or helped parents downsize when the kids moved out - through all phases of their lives! Dealing with slow markets, interest rates as high as16%, rising prices, recessions, constant changes - it has never been boring! One thing I did not expect when I started as a Realtor was the rewarding experiences I have had in making such great friends over the years, and being able to be a trusted adviser.

    Of course, I know my success is due to the support that you have given me over the past 34 years that I have been at Rancon - and I want to take this opportunity to send my sincere thanks to you for the friendship that has grown, the referrals you send to me, and kind words I always hear from you!

    Over the past years, I have grown my team to include Diane Caddy and Karen Crichfield - who are licensed agents and do an incredible job assisting me in caring for our clients, and Janet Ferrara - who is our tech person, internet guru and marketing genius! We also have an incredible support staff at our beautiful new office at the corner of Margarita and De Portola - and the reason I have stayed at Rancon for over 34 years - is simply because it is the best Brokerage by far!Always,

    Nancy Hughes

  • Rancon Real Estate has moved the Temecula offices. We are now located at 44025 Margarita Road, Ste. 100, Temecula, CA 92592.

  • TIPS & ADVICE / from Zillow STORY / BY ON 13 MAY 2016

    How to Best Support Seniors on Moving Day

    Moving is always stressful, but it can also be highly emotional for seniors. Heres how you can be there for your elderly loved ones.

    When moving day arrives for an elderly relative or friend, emotions may be running high, but youll want risk of physical injurytobe low. From packing their things to the big moving day, the key to a successful move is good planning and communication. Here is how you can support your loved ones during a move.

    Downsizing help

    Downsizing means letting go of possessions some of which mayhave a lifetime of memories attached. Deciding what to keep and what to let go of can be an emotional journey. A safer home with less clutter and fewer hazards is the reward, but your loved ones will need your help to stay on track.

    Plan ahead.Start sorting early. Give your loved ones the time they need to make good choices about which possessions they are going to keep. This is an emotional time; allow them enough time to process.

    Know how much space is in their new home.Take a trip to your loved ones new home and measure the size of their rooms and closets. Write down these dimensions to use as reference for how much they can bring.

    Stay realistic.Talk to your loved ones honestly about what they will need in their new place. Remain realistic about the limitations of their new space. Separate out what they need from what they want.

    Keep some nonessential.There will be a few items your loved ones cant bear to part with. Find a creative way to display them in the new place so that the new house feels more like home.

    Dont take away their control.Keep your loved ones involved with the moving process. Give them as much choice as possible. You can always limit their choices but give them control by asking, This or that?

    Pack smartly

    Moving is not only an emotional process, but a physically taxing one. Make sure everyone stays safe on moving day by packing smart.

    Pack a bag of essentials.It should include medications, toiletries, reading glasses, pajamas and a change of clothing for each person moving. This will keep your loved ones comfortable during the move and prevent important items from being misplaced.

    Leave the light packing to your loved one.Your elderly loved ones will want to help. Have them stick to light items like clothing. To minimize back strain, lay everything out on a table instead of the floor.

    Dont overload boxes.If a box is uncomfortable to lift and maneuver, it is already too heavy. Spread items out rather than loading them all in a single box. Use a dolly to move heavy or bulky items.

    Pack in a logical order.Pack like itemstogether and label boxes clearly. Youll be able to find what your loved one wants to unpack first, without having to dig through everything else.

    Move safely

    On the big moving day there will be a lot of heavy objects being moved and items put where they shouldnt be. Keep a close eye out to make sure everyone involved stays safe.

    Take multiple days.If possible, spread out the moving process. Start moving nonessentials into the new place before your loved ones make the move. The more you set up now, the less stressful the final moving day will be.

    Plan where everything will go.The more times you move a box, the more danger there is of straining your back. Dont move things until you know where they will go.

    Keep hallways and pathways clear.Organize boxes in neat piles away from heavy traffic zones. Trim overgrown shrubs or tree branches that cross paths. Place mats over slippery surfaces.

    Lift properly.Squat down and lift with your legs and arms, not your back. Wear comfortable, nonrestrictive clothing and closed-toe shoes.

    Enlist the help of relatives.Moving isnt a one-person job. Your loved ones will need all the help they can get. Call your relatives over and have them help with the heavy lifting.

    More than just a move

    Moving will be tough on you and the family, but remember that it is your loved ones who areleaving their home behind.

    Relocatingto a new house is more than just the move itself. Its meeting new neighbors and exploring a new neighborhood. Its unpacking and decorating the blank walls. Its remembering where the extra soap was put, and getting used to new noises outside at night.

    The transition will take time. Be there for your loved ones. They will need your support during this time of change.

  • City of Temecula - the Heart of Southern California Wine Country


  • Inflatable, portable PhotonGrill cooks your food with nothing but the sun

    The barbecue of the future is here. Meet PhotonGrill, an inflatable 100 percent solar-powered grill that lets you ditch the charcoal for greener cooking. Perfect for camping and areas with fire bans, the lightweight, fire-free and fuel-free PhotonGrill is designed for portability and easily folds down to fit in a backpack. The best part? Its NASA-inspired technology is so efficient the grill reaches 500F in just five minutes.

    Recently launched on Kickstarter, the PhotonGrill is available at a discount for early bird backers and comes with a lightweight carrying case, solar-optimized pan, BBQ tongs, and an air pump. The portable and durable grill weighs only seven pounds and can easily be set up in just three minutes. A pot can also be attached for cooking. An optional add-on module will transform the PhotonGrill into a highly efficient power generator so you can charge your electronics with sun-powered electricity wherever you go.

    Heres how the PhotonGrill works: once fully inflated, the grill, made of lightweight plastic film, takes on the form of a reflective parabolic mirror that concentrates the energy contained in the rays of light into a small area, creating highly-localized energy thats powerful enough to cook with. The design team says the technology was based on experiments carried out by NASA in the 1960s

    By using heat to thermally deform the plastics polymers structure, the plastic is able to remember and transform into the desired parabolic shape when inflated, says the PhotonGrill team, who also claim the grill has 1,000 watts of power. Set atop a stable tripod, the parabolic mirror is made with highly robust polymer foils tested to ensure they can withstand all contingencies, even a large splash of boiling grease. PhotonGrill is looking to raise $111,964 on Kickstarter to bring the solar-powered grill to production.

    Courtesy of California Association of REALTORS. Click Here for Original article.

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  • Here are some interesting statistics on different living arrangements - multi generational homes, older children returning to live with their parents, roommates,etc, and I haveseen many examples of this in recent years in the Temecula/Murrieta area.